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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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at 5:00, they said they wanted one more hour. they said they could determine whether they would reach a verdict or whether they needed to deliberate into the night. >> they are trying to figure out what his intent was when he kicked in the bedroom door and may of 2010. it is a job added court watchers said they would not want to have. >> people always try to have these conversations, do you think he did it? was he just -- >> defense attorneys admit they had a physical a counter but his actions were never to harm or kill yeardley love. the death was a terrible accident. they ask the jury to carefully consider involuntary manslaughter. that penalty has a 1 to 10 years.
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his rage just grew more intense when he attacked her and left her on a bed to die. alice makes the murder which could be five years to life in prison. >> my thoughts are with the jury. it is a big responsibility. i hope they consider it and come up with the right answer. i do not know what that is. >> we know that the jury has been taking its time today. they only ask two questions, but it was about the letter of the law. they have sex charges to decide. we will let you know within moments what is going to happen for the rest of the evening. >> thank you so much gail. we will continue coverage of the george huguely murder trial on you can comment on the case on facebook. >> tonight the alexandria man
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accused of plotting a suicide bomb at the capitol waived his rights to a preliminary hearing. the 29-year-old man was arrested friday and an fbi sting. an undercover agent gave el khalifi what he believed was a suicide vast, but it was harmless. >> a new kind of problem for mature writers. this time it is not about delays or broken bosses, but people who have been sexually harassed. -- a new problem for metro riders. gail huff is live with more. >> victims tell us they are tired of suffering in silence. they are making their complaints very public. talking about exactly what has happened to them on the metro. >> he had his hand down his
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pants and was monitoring all of this gross stuff. >> she did not report the crime to police. today before the committee on government operations, she and many others told their stories. >> it was rush hour, and i was outside of the metro station. i do not think any person, man or woman, should have to be treated that way. >> hundreds of metro riders are telling their stories on a web site called collective action for safe spaces. >> even with the police, a lot of people are afraid to report it. we want to create a culture of tolerance. >> last year there were 84 cases of sexual offenses reported to transit police. talking to richard -- talking to metro riders today, it is clear
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some people are talking in private pierre >> she told me about it and i don't mind talking about it. they need to keep their private parts private. >> they have also touched me in the past. i have been riding the metro for about three years. there is a problem. >> the hearing ended just minutes ago. the general manager says that he was surprised and disturbed by the testimony today. he promises to investigate. gail huff, abc 7 news. >> new developments and a new corporate tax plan from president obama. the plan calls for the tax rate on corporations to be lowered from 35% to 28%. it seeks to raise overall revenue by closing dozens of loopholes and american companies operating overseas would be asked to pay a minimum tax rate on foreign earnings. experts say congress is unlikely
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to pass the plan. >> at least two lawmakers who opposed a measure for same-sex marriage says they will offer a amendment. a vote is expected as early as tomorrow night. the senate passed a similar bill last year. >> no more profanity at d.c. council meetings. they passed a measure without debate. there was a shouting match that contain some profanity between mr. cantana and barry. >> protests were sparked after afghan workers at the american military beasts -- military base saw soldiers setting fire to the holy book in a garbage bin. the soldiers stopped what they were doing once they realized the books were korans.
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officials say four were burned. protests have killed at least seven people. >> we will take you to the kickoff of a museum that will honor african american culture. >> it has been weeks since the candidates have shared the stage. we are hours from the next debate. how will religion played a part in the questioning?
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>> more on the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> tonight's debate gets under way in mason, arizona, as a primary on february 28. mitt romney has the lead. that could quickly change. >> a couple of hours away. such a different scene. i was at the debate in d.c. a couple of months ago. talking to rick santorum afterwards, he actually came
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down to explain his remarks. he was the only candidate to represent himself. two months later, things have changed. >> for the first time, rick santorum begins a debate on top. >> i feel like i am at a church getting a call and response here. >> the dredge report recently linked to an old article about santorum's satan morning. >> i believe in good and evil. >> some call his stances severe, others are swarming. he is pulling big crowds and bigger numbers. the newest polls show him leading 35%. make it a match between just him
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and mitt romney and the margin is even bigger. mitt romney debuted his tax plan today. >> i will cut spending, i will cap spending, and i will finally get us a balanced budget. >> newt gingrich is buying up serious tv time in markets. 30 minute chunks so he can hear this. explain -- an explanation on how he will lower prices at the pump to $2.50 a gallon. >> michigan and arizona vote in six days. for some voters, this may be their last large exposure to these four before heading to the polls. >> while most americans will not be putting their tax refunds into the nation's economy. >> a lot of people will be taking off jackets tomorrow.
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a mild thursday when we come back.
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>> a big day on the national mall as president obama the first lady, and laura bush took part in the ground breaking celebration for the african american museum. it will be built between the national museum of american history and the washington monument. organizers hope to open the museum by 2015. the slavery museum in fredericksburg has filed a bankruptcy. >> the museum has never been built. it owes creditors about $7 million. organizers hope to raise
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$900,000 in the first year. the hub donations to increase by 50% in subsequent years. -- they hope donations will increase by 50% in subsequent years. >> a bill recently passed bans the use of state funding for projects that give incentives to contractors who use union labor. the airport authority has already offered a 10% bonus for union workers. they are urging them to reconsider that decision. >> it is early for the filing deadline. what will you do with their tax refund if you get one? the national retail federation study shows 44% say they will stash away some of their refund. 40% say they will use some to pay down debt. 12% say they will spend it on a big-ticket item. >> one thing you do not have to spend it on is umbrellas.
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>> not yet. tomorrow a few clouds and temperatures approaching 70 degrees. it is kind of crazy. it will get colder as we head into the weekend. what's the use started and look outside. sunset was at 5:52 this evening. we will continue to see days get longer. it will be improving. we had some clouds moving through the area. most of the air is pretty dry. some of the airdrops have been eve that europe -- he evaporating before they hit the ground. very mild temperatures overnight. here is a look at these storms can. a couple of disturbances in the atmosphere. a chance of a shower or two. this is 63 and 43 for the high and low today. the lows will be what the
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average high is. the folks at the allergy lab at the walter reed army medical center saw a high pollen count. 1064 trees. 61 degrees in fredericksburg. 57 degrees in washington. 52 degrees in boston. the colder air is going to sit to the north and west. we will get a taste of it by saturday and sunday. certainly not tomorrow. and not on friday as we continue with southwesterly winds. just little bits of low pressure fanning out across the mountains into the mid atlantic. a couple of shower chances. they will keep the temperature so warm 29 in the 40's. a delightful day as we head near 70 degrees. -- warm tonight in the 40's.
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a 30% chance of showers through morning and midday on friday. maybe by friday night, the mountains will pick up some snow showers. saturday we will get some chilly air. partly sunny and mild in the morning. warmer at midday. 70 degrees not out of the question. gusty winds on saturday. a new warm-up begins as we had it through the last few days of february next week. >> an update through the university of virginia murder trial. the jury is still out. they have been at it all day long. they have asked the judge for another half hour or so. they are working for a verdict for george huguely. if they reach a verdict this evening, you can count on abc 7 news to bring it to you as soon
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as it is delivered. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> they are doing the right thing here. maryland head football coach has removed all stipulations and restrictions from danny o'brien 's release. he told his former quarterback he could have the release and go anywhere except a future opponent or vanderbilt. i understand opponents, but come on, vanderbilt? it was a huge uproar. why punish a good kid? today he remove the restrictions and give the unconditional release. the acc has filed a former -- a formal complaint with the sec and vanderbilt. the capitals closed out a four game road trip against ottawa. ovechkin has been limping and
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they have been coy about him. now he is a game time decision. they are coming off of a 5-1 loss to carolina. they are in the danger zone for the playoffs. it is becoming painfully clear that the team has been average at best playing 500 hockey. they are running out of time for the playoffs. some great goaltending last night. how about the goalie? he made five saves and the flyers won 5-4. how about this one in national? how do you do it? the predators when it 3-1. -- how about this one in nashville? >> the maryland terrapins came back from 8 to win it. they will be hammering the
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boards here for maryland as they take it to the hoop. he gets fouled. the three-point play the old fashioned way. that gave them the lead and they never trailed again. i asked mark turgeon about the team and his demotion. >> if they are not done, i am not done. -- asked about the team and his emotion. >> would you think about where you were against alabama, a team that looks like a jayvee team at that time and come in and get a win against miami, how do you measure that? >> it has not been easy. every coach goes through that. you keep coaching. you need a win like that to keep the hard work worth it. >> let's go to the nba. lebron james with a block. how about the pass -- the touchdown pass to dwadyne wade.
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it was sensational. do not forget the wizards are at home against the sacramento kings. how about lebron james? >> humans cannot do that.
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>> coming up, a controversial highway that was bill to ease traffic. has it turned out to be a complete waste of taxpayer money? we unveil some big problems tonight at 11:00. >> a couple of showers possible. take a look at the storms can. some areas developing to the north and west. a cloudy and a mild night. tomorrow, upper 60's. clear and breezy and chilly on saturday and sunday. in other warm-up next week. i always like to direct you to check out we are partial to the weather tablet. all kinds of new stuff happening there. bob ryan back at 11:00.
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